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What happens to our Flemish fish?

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In Belgium, there are 246 fish processing companies that work with amongst others North Sea fish. Recent surveys have shown that companies that use or process fish and specialise in certain types of fish, above all focus on the following types: salmon, cod, trout, herring, tuna and scallops. These are followed by two types of fish that are largely sourced locally in Flanders: grey shrimp and sole. A large number of companies whose main activity is processing fish also indicates that they specialise in salmon and cod, the types of fish most consumed in Flanders. They are followed by trout, sole, halibut, herring, grey shrimp, tuna, eel, scampi and gambas.


Our export in tonnes of fish products (fish, molluscs and shellfish) in the member states of the European Union (27 countries). Thanks to its central location and its ports, Belgium is an ideal transit country. With the Flemish fisheries, you not only order directly from the producer, you are also offered a complete range of products. Each delivery meets specific requirements with certified certainty. Flemish companies have their produce inspected by independent inspectors. The certificates offer you absolute certain, for every single delivery.

17 %

The Flemish fishery is a mixed fishery and therefore fishes several fish stocks at the same time. The fleet is clearly specialised in flatfish. Sole nad plaice and accounted for 17% and 12% respectively of the fish volume landed in 2022. In the top 10 are also squid, rays, gurnard, shrimp, lemon sole, cod, Norway lobster and dogfish.